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Welcome To The Sheffield PA Register

Connecting Individual Employers and Personal Assistants in Sheffield

The Sheffield PA Register is a simple, safe and free way for Individual Employers and Personal Assistants to be introduced to each other. It is a place for Personal Assistants to search for vacancies or advertise their availability, and a place for Individual Employers to search for a Personal Assistant or advertise that they require one.

The Sheffield PA Register is a free to use website that helps Individual Employers advertise that they require support from a Personal Assistant, and helps Personal Assistants advertise their services to Individual Employers. Personal Assistant’s can search for jobs and Individual Employers can search for Personal Assistants.

An Individual Employer (IE) is someone who has support needs and has chosen to employ someone to support them to live or work independently. This might be someone with a health condition, disability, a parent, or someone who is an older person or who is a parent of a child with a disability. The support required varies from person to person, such as personal care, support at work or help with shopping, but is always directed by the person who requires it.

A Personal Assistant (PA) is someone who is employed by an individual who requires support. Being a Personal Assistant is about supporting someone in the way they need and want. Sometimes this means helping with personal support, but more importantly it is about enabling someone to be independent and live their life in a way they want to.

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