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Please note: Outside of the Disability Sheffield training detailed on this page, we cannot recommend or endorse any of the training courses listed here.


Why should I take part in training?

Why Should I Take Part In Training?

Engaging in training and further education around your role as an employer or a Personal Assistant not only develops your personal and professional skills, but also makes you more attractive to potential employers if you’re a PA and makes you more attractive to potential PAs if you’re an Employer. 

The working environment between a Personal Assistant and their Employer is in many ways unique, and PAs can cover many different areas of work within their role, from personal care to handling medication. Developing the skills you use daily can ensure that you‘re performing the important tasks you carry out in a safe manner and you’re following best practice. 

Employers can also benefit greatly from attending training or further education to support them with better managing staff and their Direct Payment.

Disability Sheffield

Training Directory

Personal Assistant And Individual Employer Training Directory

Disability Sheffield have produced a Training Directory, which collects information on PA and IE training courses from various providers in to one document. The Training Directory can be viewed here: PA / IE Training Directory

The Training Directory includes information on a wide range of topics, courses and resources to suit whether you have time to attend an in person training session, or you want to take the time to learn from home. There are free sessions, paid sessions, videos, training resources and online classes, so you can find a course that suits and the way you want to learn.



Disability Sheffield

Disability Sheffield Training For Personal Assistants And Individual Employers

For the past several years Disability Sheffield, with funding from Skills for Care, have been running a series of training session for Personal Assistants and Individual Employers. The training we provide is FREE for PAs and IEs to attend. Our 2023/24 training sessions include:

  • Medication Administration and Management
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Food Safety (Level 1)
  • Mental Health Insight Training
  • Autism Insight
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office Programs

Our full schedule, including details on how to book your place on these training sessions can be found in our Disability Sheffield 2023/24 PA & IE Training Brochure.


For Personal Assistants

Training For Personal Assistants

Skills for Care fund a wide range of training opportunities throughout England, including the Disability Sheffield 2023/24 PA & IE Training. Their Learning and Development webpage details how Personal Assistants can access training. In addition, A practical guide to learning and development for Personal Assistants factsheet explains how Personals Assistants can better support their employer and continue to develop in their role as a Personal Assistant.

Coleman Training and Consultancy have developed a suite of training tailored towards the needs of Individual Employers and Personal Assistants a part of their VIP Training program. To learn more about the training offered in the VIP Training program view the flyer here: VIP Training for Individual Employers and Personal Assistants

Sheffield City Council’s Dementia Learning Pathway has been developed to ensure that people can live well with Dementia, by improving the Health & Social Care workforce knowledge and skills, due to the increased levels of acuity in Dementia care. The training, developed in collaboration with industry experts by experience, will focus more on ‘how’ to deliver services to deliver the best possible outcomes for people, as opposed to ‘what’ the disease is. For more information, including dates for training sessions, view Dementia Learning Pathway Information.


Individual Employers

Training For Individual Employers

Skills for Care allow Individual Employers to apply for funding to train themselves and their Personal Assistants. Visit their Individual Employer Training Funding Opportunities webpage for more information on how to apply. Please note there is an application deadline – The deadline for applications is 17:00 on Friday 15 March 2024 and any training that you want to be funded must be started by 30 April 2024.


  • Coleman Training and Consultancy 

Coleman Training have developed a suite of training tailored towards he needs of Individual Employers and Personal Assistants a spart of their VIP Training programme. To learn more about the training offered in the VIP Training programme view the flyer here: VIP Training for Individual Employers and Personal Assistants


Deaf, Deafblind Or Hard Of Hearing

Training For Deaf, Deafblind Or Hard Of Hearing Employers, And Personal Assistants Who Work With Deaf, Deafblind Or Hard Of Hearing Employers

Deafinitely Women are an organisation that works to Improve the wellbeing of deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing women. They have put together a comprehensive collection of training courses for Personal Assistants who work for Direct Payment employers & users. Their 2023/24 training brochure can be viewed here:

Deafinitely Women’s 2023/24 Training Programme and includes training courses covering:

  • How to support and communicate with Deafblind people
  • Taster British Sign Language
  • Basic Guiding Skills
  • Communication and acquired hearing and sight loss
  • Deaf Equality Training
  • Supporting & communicating with people with dementia
  •  Supporting & communicating with people with acquired hearing and sight loss
  • Supporting & communicating with Deaf BSL users with dementia


British Sign Language Training

British Sign Language Training

Personal Assistants who wish to work for Deaf Employers will require BSL training, and have the ability to speak BSL at Level 2 or 3. BSL is widely taught throughout the UK, and courses starting from Level 1 are available at places such as:

Signature — Signature offer a range of BSL courses covering all levels. Their website also features the ability to search for BSL courses local to you.

Famlingo — Famlingo offer BSL levels 1 & 2, as well as BSL GCSE and BSL for early years

DeafAccess — DeafAccess offer BSL Levels 1, 2, 3 and 6


Online Training Courses

Online Training Courses

Online Training courses can be a great way to access training and further education for both Individual Employers and Personal Assistants. There are a lot of online training opportunities available to the health and social care sector, some of which we have detailed below. 

The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors. Developed by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health, the certificate is tailored for ‘new to care’ employees and should be used as part of a new employee’s induction programme. 

The Care Certificate Workbook can be worked through by a new employee, in conjunction with regular review sessions with their employer. There is no answer book, instead the employer should assess their employee’s competency and answers to the questions presented.

A Diploma in Health and Social Care can be acquired from various universities, colleges and online learning centres. This diploma aims to give learners the ability and knowledge to care for people in a wide range of health and social care settings. This wide range of possible settings also allows those who decide to pursue a diploma in health and social care to customize their learning and focus on specific areas of the sector. Allowing learners to develop the skills necessary to provide care in the specific sector they wish to work in. These diplomas are available from a wide range of institutions, including:

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